In a show that aired today on CNN, “New Day” show host Alisyn Camerota appeared to be dumbfounded by assertions on the part of the studio panel that there was widespread voting by illegal aliens during the November 8 election. One woman on the panel, Paula Johnson, claimed that 3 million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election in California, saying that she learned the information from CNN. "Voting is a privilege," said the woman.
Camerota asked, “CNN said that three million illegal people voted in California?” Johnson, who supports President-elect Donald Trump, replied, “I think there was a good amount,” and added, “Because the president told people they could vote, and it happened in Nashua…. we caught some people and they said, ‘The president said I could vote, I’m here illegally.’”
When Camerota asked, “Did you hear President Obama said that illegal people could vote?” there were members of the panel who nodded affirmatively. Camerota continued, asking: “Tell me, where?”
“You could find it– Google it. You could find it on Facebook,” said another Trump supporter.
Challenging Johnson, Camerota said,  “I don’t want to waste any more time, but I see where it came from.” She then did a search on her phone.
After finding an article at the Mediaite website, Camerota read out loud that Fox Business Network allegedly edited a clip of President Obama as evidence that he had encouraged illegal aliens to vote. 
“You as you sit here today think that millions of illegal people voted in this country and you believe that there was widespread voting abuse? In the millions of people?” she challenged again.
“California allows it,” the first Trump supporter said.
“They do not allow illegals — you mean voter fraud, California allows?” asked a dumbfounded Camerota.
“I believe there was voter fraud in this country,” the woman insisted.
On the Fox News network last night, “O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly heard from retired immigration officer Claude Arnold that California is among the states that provide driver’s licenses to illegal aliens  who then may register to vote. On the black market, Arnold said that vendors of fraudulent documents provide driver’s licenses, which then can be used to register to vote.



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