Eddy is a Uruguayan mother who enrolled her children in the Center for Integral Development - an institution in Uruguay that seeks to improve the quality of life for at-risk children and their families. She believes that the center helped her learn to see God's hand in everything.  Of her youngest child, who was born a Down syndrome baby, she said “Whatever God sends to me is a blessing."
"These are children who never cause trouble," said Maria Victoria Troncoso – another mother who gave birth to a baby girl with Down syndrome. It occurs at a rate of one case per 800 births among young women aged 30-34 years.
In Europe a quiet and tragic phenomenon is occurring:  while the age at which women bring babies to term has been delayed, so too as the incidence of babies born with Down syndrome has decreased. The reason for this troubling statistic can be described in just a few words: the number of Down syndrome babies brought to full term is decreasing because they are being exterminated before birth. They are an endangered human species.
The incidence of pregnancy termination for these children may soon increased: the New England Journal of Medicine has reported that a new and non-invasive method has been discovered that can supposedly detect Down syndrome babies in utero at the gestational age of three months.
In the case of a woman I will call Ana, a physician notified her upon the birth of her child, “Your son has Down syndrome.” Ana spoke to her husband and told him: “We will go for a third child.” That third child, Javier, was born without any symptoms.
We are witnessing a moral decline in which parents are murdering their children because of their physical characteristics. This is a morally offensive practice that is based on ignorance. This attitude is highly offensive, is based on ignorance: Down syndrome is not an aesthetic issue, but a pretext for exterminating a weak and defenseless creature.
Ana added, "I am 21 years old. When my son was born, I was told that he had Down syndrome; I wanted to die and went into depression for three months. Now I know that the idea I had about Down syndrome was wrong. He is now about two years old, and takes everything in and has begun to talk. If were to go back in time and had the test made and found that my child had Down syndrome, I would never allow an abortion."
Clemente Ferrer Rosello is President of the European Institute of Marketing, which is based in Madrid.



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