If Hillary Clinton is indicted or gravely ill, she could be used as a “scapegoat” for all the sins of the secular progressives in the Democratic Party. This would free up Michelle Obama to graciously “condescend” to become the new Democratic presidential nominee.
After all, there are numerous indications that the Obamas’ regard for the Clintons is not much higher than what they have for the idyllic idealists, low information voters, useful idiots and resentful parasites, who were largely responsible for putting them in power. Thus, throwing Hillary under the bus could be done with little or no compunction.
And with little time for scrutinizing Michelle’s record and radical writings, the elimination of safeguards against voting fraud by non-citizens (i.e., foreigners  legally or illegally residing in America, who may use their drivers licenses to register to vote ), much stonewalling by the Obama Administration and a tsunami of adulation from the mainstream media,  it may be difficult to stop a groundswell supporting the historic election of Michelle Obama as the first black female President, thus de facto giving Barack a third term in office.
Sadly, it seems that, if this happens, Michelle’s policies would be worse than Hillary’s progressivism on steroids.
God save us!
Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest in the service of the people of Virginia.



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