A former Marine, Clark Calloway, appeared for the first time before a federal court on Friday. According to a court document, Calloway had pledged support to the Islamic State while he also wanted to “conduct a violent revolution against whites.” He is facing federal weapons charges for the illegal purchase of an AK-47 rifle from an FBI informant. He will remain in jail until he appears in a appear in court again on Wednesday.
The 38-year-old construction worker is charged with possession of a firearm or ammunition by a felon and transportation of a firearm with the intent to commit a felony. Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. According to federal prosecutors, Calloway paid $250 for the firearm, which had been disabled by law enforcement. He was arrested when he accepted it on Thursday.
The FBI began investigating Calloway in 2016. According to the court document, Calloway posted joined Islamic State Facebook groups, posted Islamic State propaganda, issued “numerous violent and threatening statements,” and ”friended” several hundred Islamic State fighters and sympathizers on Facebook. Investigators found that he maintained at least two active Facebook accounts, “one related to his extremist racial views and one related to his pro-ISIS views,” the court document said, referring to the Islamic State (ISIS).
"Soon the great killing will commence," Calloway wrote in a Facebook post on April 20, prosecutors said. Calloway specifically targeted the First District station on M Street SW in Washington D.C.
Calloway is a black American. In 2016 wrote posted about “his desire to conduct a violent revolution against whites and conducting a race war,” writing: “Let’s put bullets in them.” According to investigators, Calloway came into contact with three FBI sources. Calloway told one of the sources, from whom he bought the assault rifle, that the best way to “do something” was to conduct simultaneous attacks “all over the country” on police stations.
Calloway later told the same informant that he wanted the rifle to “be ready to do something here.” One potential target, according to Calloway, was a police station in Washington D.C. However, once he was arrested, Calloway claimed that his Facebook posts were “propaganda” and “talking trash” and “denied that he planned to carry out an attack.” the document says. He also claimed that he was aware he he should not have a weapon because his felon status, but wanted the AK-47 for “a rainy day” and needed it “for the race war.”
The FBI began investigating Calloway in 2016. He is a construction worker who lived alone. He once served time in prison for a stabbing incident, according to prosecutors’ affidavit. He was convicted in 2002. After being released from prison, he was ordered to receive mental health and substance abuse treatment.



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