Receipts for the fundraising campaign of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) appears to have quickened. Using appeals to voters for smaller donations, he is closing in on fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton who has hewed to traditional fundraising methods and larger donations. Currently, Clinton shows $28 million in her war chest as of the third fundraising quarter of 2015. As for Sanders, who eschews PACs, contributors have been generous, having helped him garner more than $25.5 million over the last three months.
Supporters contend credit his stream of public rallies and appearances for his success in fundraising from smaller donors, while Clinton makes appeals to high-dollar contributors at her more exclusive fundraisers. Having gotten potential supporters excited about his prospects and his rising poll numbers, Sanders has succeeded in becoming a serious contender for the Democratic nomination. His polling number continue to rise, while Clinton’s prospects appear to flag.
Averaging some eight distinct polls, the Real Clear Politics website showed that Clinton remains in the lead. However, she has also shown a steady drop from 63.2 percent approval among Democrats as of July 4 this year to the current 41.5 percent. Sanders, on the other hand, is in the ascendant: whereas on Independence Day he was at 13.2 percent, his numbers have since climbed the current 25.4.
But as Clinton's numbers have fallen, polling data is favorable for Vice President Joseph Biden even though he has yet to officially declare. Biden was at 13.2 percent on July 4 and is now at 18.8.  



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