A CNN panel grew rowdy on Tuesday night with recriminations over racial and partisan identification. The segment was discussing the statement White House spokesman Sean Spicer made earlier in the day that Adolf Hitler “didn’t even sink” to using chemical weapons against civilians like Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Spicer corrected himself during the press conference where he made the erroneous claim and later issued an apology. His gaffe has generated a wave of outrage among progressives and liberals calling for his ouster.
April Ryan, a member of the White House press corps, slammed Spicer, saying, “This statement happened during Passover, a holy time for a community that was the butt of an atrocity,” Ryan explained to her fellow panelists during CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight.” 
Conservative Jack Kingston sought to counter Ryan, saying “Ana, Ana.” Kingston referred to her incorrectly by the name of Ana Navarro. CNN host Don Lemon corrected Kingston, saying “That’s not Ana.” Ryan interjected, “I’m April, this is April.” Then Navarro, a regular on CNN who was once involved in the Republican party, scolded Kingston, “Not all colored girls, are the same, Jack!” 
Lemon laughed, but Kingston went on. “You might not be criticizing him because you’re a Democrat,” Kingston said to Ryan. “You’re criticizing him because you don’t like Trump.”
“I never said I was a Democrat, I never said I was a Republican!” Ryan shot back. “You don’t know my politics!”
Navarro said, “She’s a journalist.” Kingston again sought to identify Ryan as a partisan reporter. 
“I’m a Democrat because I’m black?” Ryan asked. “He thinks you’re me, that’s the problem he’s having,” Navarro joked. “Jack, do me a favor: quit while you’re behind.”
According to the Roper Center, 93 percent of black voters pulled the lever for Barack Obama in 2012. 



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