CNN and its really gay Santa Claus

entertainment | Dec 06, 2014 | By William Donohue

CNN executives are very excited that one of their own, Morgan Spurlock, is the man behind "I Am Santa Claus." To prove how happy they are, they are flagging a supremely positive article about the flick by one of their online columnists, John D. Sutter. The source of their ebullience has nothing to do with the artistic quality of the documentary: it has everything to do with Santa's homosexuality. They like that a lot.
How do we know that Santa is a homosexual? Not by his dress—he looks like a regular Santa. It's by his behavior: he likes to kiss men and boasts about his job working in a strip joint. Reference is made, of course, to male genitilia. But at least Santa is prudent: he points to a sign above a food station that warns homosexuals to keep their pants on. This reminds me of San Francisco where homosexuals are told to put a towel below their bottom before sitting down in a restaurant. Warning signs are a thoughtful, if regrettable, gesture.
We will know the day when homosexuals are just like the rest of us when they stop stereotyping themselves. Until then, play it safe and "make the yuletide" straight.



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