In graphic body-cam video recorded by an officer of the Louisville police department, two men are seen attempting to escape after being ordered to stop their vehicle. In the video, the officer recording the scene can be seen approaching a fellow officer who is standing next to the driver’s side of the truck. When the truck’s engine can be heard revving, the recording officer can be heard to order the driver to stop. The driver puts the truck into gear and attempts to drive past the police vehicle, but instead lodged it perpendicularly against the police vehicle and the border of a parking lot ringed with trees.

According to media reports, the two men in the truck were suspected of drug-related activity.

The recording officer can be heard to shout, “Get out of the car right now!” as he first points a a pistol at the two men and a dog in the pickup. The driver continued to rev the engine in an apparent attempt to flee. From offscreen, another officer shoots the driver with a taser, with no visible effect. The officers continued to order the driver to stop the vehicle.

After the officer warned several times that he was going to shoot, the driver managed to get the truck into gear and drive past the adjacent police vehicle. The officer fired approximately three times as the truck turned away and then crashed against trees and bushes nearby. “Shots fired! Shots fired!” can be heard on the audio. Several bullet holes can be seen on the driver's-side door. As the officer recording the vehicle approaches, the driver is seen to be a young white man who weeps and whines in pain. Another officer in view told the passenger, a bearded older white man, to descend from the truck. The passenger shouted, "You f**king shot my kid, motherf***er!"

The driver explained that he could not open the driver’s side door, but he eventually manages to open it while the passenger said that the dog has been wounded. When the driver finally emerges from the truck, he followed the officer’s orders and turned toward the truck. He is bleeding profusely from his left arms, and also his left leg. The driver says on the video, “Dad, am I going to die?,” to which the officer answers, “You’re not gonna die.” The officer can be seen applying a tourniquet to the injured arm as the driver continues to whine and wince in pain. 

Driver Nicholas Taby Moses, 25, and John Robert Moses, 57, were transferred to an area hospital after the incident on June 7. Nicholas Moses received treatment for several bullet wounds that were not considered life-threatening. His father, John Robert Moses, was hospitalized for issues not related to the shooting. Both were booked for several failure-to-appear warrants from several Kentucky counties. 

Louisville police Cpl. Joe Lamb was cleared of wrongdoing, according to a letter released in late July by District Attorney Michael Dougherty. The letter followed a multi-agency investigation of the June 7 shooting. "We find in our review of this shooting that no conduct by Corporal Lamb rises to the level of a criminal offense," Dougherty wrote. "It is the conclusion of my office that, based on the applicable law and the facts and circumstances of the case, that law enforcement's actions during this incident meet the legal requirements of the affirmative defense of self-defense." However, Dougherty’s ruling noted that Officers Lamb and Ben Himes, who was also at the scene, are not immune from civil lawsuits or disciplinary action by the Louisville Police Department.

The Louisville Police Department is conducting its own investigation into the shooting.




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