Dozens of Black Lives Matter activists descended on a Sacramento yoga studio to protest against what they believe is cultural appropriation. But even before it could begin, Solfire Yoga cancelled the class and apologized. But that did not stop the Sacramento Chapter of Black Lives Matter to occupy the space in front of the business, claiming that the yoga studio has a history of cultural appropriations. 

Darrel Spence, whose wife is a yoga instructor, told Fox40 that she loves rap music and wanted to combine it with yoga in her class. Spence’s wife is white. This did not suit the Black Lives Matter activists. Tanya Faison of Black Lives Matter told Fox40 said that rap music is a mode of “expression for black folks to talk about the pain that they go through in their neighborhoods and their lives." Faison that her group wants to see change and to hold the yoga studio accountable. 

After receiving a complaint from Black Lives Matter, the studio canceled the class and then issued an on-line apology. Moreover, the studio staff attended re-education on racism through Yoga Seed Collective. The rap and yoga class was never held. Solfire Yoga Ellen Moe co-owner told Fox40, “Kind of just like a feeling of no matter what happens, no matter what we do or don't do, it appears to not be good enough.” 

Faison is apparently unmollified, saying that the yoga studio refuses to cooperate with Black Lives Matter. 

Spence, the husband of the offending yoga instructor, suggested that Black Lives Matter engaged in over-reach, saying, "When it comes to policing yoga studios over who can play hip-hop and who can't, I think that goes far field and I think that steps outside of what I envisioned Black Lives Matter to stand for." 

In recent weeks, high-fashion designers have been also accused of cultural appropriation. For example, Lebanese haute couteur designer Zuhair Murad was criticized for showing disrespect for Native American designs, while Zara -- a Spanish company that markets women's clothing in Europe and North America -- was slammed for selling a woman's plaid skirt that bore a resemblance to the 'lungi' -- a kilt worn by men in Southeast Asia.




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