According to a statement by Athanatos Christian Ministries, a 1969 document produced by a former vice-president of Planned Parenthood suggests the organization cares less about women and minorities than it does in controlling their fertility.
Then president of the Population Council, Bernard Berelson, asked Planned Parenthood vice-president, Frederick Jaffe, for ideas on how to reduce America's population. The infamous response has come to be known as "The Jaffe Memo."
Dr. Anthony Horvath of Athanatos tracked down the complete memorandum written by Jaffe and sent to Bernard Berelson, and has made it available at his organization's website. According to his organization's statement, the memo calls into question Planned Parenthood's real reasons for promoting birth control and abortion on demand.
Horvath said, "Planned Parenthood paints itself as an organization that advocates for women's rights, but the Jaffe Memo proves that they were more than willing to dispense with such ideals in a pinch. The memo actually suggests that women be forced--actually compelled--to get abortions. So much for 'pro-choice.'"
According to Horvath's ministry, other proposals considered for implementation by Planned Parenthood included adding fertility control agents to the water supply and forcibly sterilizing people who have more than two children. "The organization even contemplated forcing women to work, and then ensure that there were few child care facilities," said the release from Athanatos. 
"The idea was to make women choose between a family and their career. If child care was scarce and expensive, women would make the 'right' call and have smaller families. The goal was to get women to do what Planned Parenthood wanted them to do, but have the women think it was their own idea," Horvath said.
Horvath added,"If there really is a 'war on women,' documents like the Jaffe Memo suggest that perhaps it is Planned Parenthood and its allies that are the ones carrying it out."
According to Horvath, "Black communities have long been suspicious about the number of abortion clinics in their neighborhood. The 'Jaffe Memo' suggests that those suspicions are well-founded. If I were a woman or a black person, I'd worry less about Cruz and Trump, and worry more about my supposed 'allies,' like Planned Parenthood, with its continued demand for Federal funding."
Actress Stacy Dash wrote a column at Patheos in October 2015 to denounce Planned Parenthood for what she said is the "profiting off the murder of black babies."



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