Visitors were horrified when they saw the mangled corpse of a man who was thrown from a ride at an amusement park on Feb. 22. Investigators are trying to determine how he was thrown from the ride and into the void after his seat-belt apparently gave way.

The incident was captured on an amateur video. The video shows the moment the man was thrown into the air, falling from a considerable height. The video lasts a little less than five seconds. The video was first posted at the Live Leaks website, which stated that the man died as a result of his injuries. This has not yet been confirmed.

The incident occurred in the city of Sanmenxia, in northern Henan province, at the Yangshao Square amusement park in China. According to Live Links, "A middle-aged man accidentally falling from a high altitude amusement machine. The man's seat belt suddenly ruptured."

A sign tells visitors that persons suffering high blood pressure should avoid the rides

Days before, tragedy struck a fair in Jiaguang Village, in the city of Baoding City in Hebei, a province in northern China. According to witnesses, a teenager was seen standing on his seat on a pirate ship ride at the park. Witnesses saw the hapless adolescent plunge to his death. His mangled corpse was found crushed at the base of the ride.

The body of teen lies crushed beneath a carnival ride

Patrons await paramedics to remove the body of the dead teenager

On February 18, Paramedics declared him dead on the scene. He was identified as a 19-year-old male. The area has been declared a crime scene while authorities investigate.

Warning: graphic video



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