Over the past eight years, we have been witnessing a number of actions by the leaders of the Democratic Party, which indicate a proverbial sea change in political historical perspectives.  In the past, most decent Americans abhorred the brutal unjust practices of the KKK in the Jim Crow days of the South. But there has been a major shift in our national perspective.
Whereas we used to denounce what was done by the Ku Klux Klan, now we are told that what they did was not wrong, but rather that they were the ones who did it. If their efforts of intimidation and terror suppressed the rights of certain groups of people, these efforts in themselves, were not wrong. What was wrong was that members of the Klan did them.
Look at voter suppression. The Klan tried to do this to keep blacks away from the ballot box. More recently, the Obama Administration took steps to terminate the prosecution of members of the Black Panthers, who threatened violence to whites trying to vote in the 2008 elections. Later, the Internal Revenue Service was used by the Administration to harass and intimidate various conservative groups seeking to have a voice in the 2012 election. In the latter case, what is alleged to be “the most transparent Administration in American history” conveniently had several IRS computers crash and their back-up tapes “accidently erased”, so that  evidence of the abuse of power would be destroyed. Any calls for IRS accountability were met with charges of “partisanship,” “bigotry” or “hatred”.
And look at the recent “coincidental” meeting of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at an airport. A hundred years ago, if a Klansman were under investigation for a crime, and the prosecuting attorney “coincidentally” had a meeting with  a Grand Wizard of that man’s Klan chapter before the case could go to trial, one would be right to suspect that some unethical deals were being made behind the scenes. But to “enlightened” members of the Democratic Party today find nothing wrong with a private meeting of our Attorney General and the husband of a woman facing serious felony charges. Anyone even implying that this was wrong is labeled as “sexist,” “racist” or “partisan.”
Also note how the Obama Administration is dealing with radical Islamic jihadists. In the past, we had no problem condemning the KKK for the cruel actions of a few of its members. But our President today is asserting that we need to praise and promote Islam, in spite of the barbaric actions of a “small minority” of that “Religion of Peace,” who are taken seriously the directives clearly set forth in the Q’uran. And those who dare to question this policy have been told by Obama’s Attorney General that they could face prosecution under federal “hate crime” laws. Thus it was that those who saw the suspicious actions of the San Bernadino jihadist decided that they should not contact the local police. They did not want to be prosecuted for the newly invented crime of “Islamaphobia.”
A fourth way in which Klan practices have been embraced is in Obama’s unconditional embrace of Islam as “a Religion of Peace”.  Just as most Moslems have not taken part in actual terrorist plots and actions, so also only a small minority of the millions of Klan members actually took part in illegal actions against minority groups. As a matter of fact, many Klan members followed their own version of Sharia Law by providing a number of charitable services to needy families, opposing alcohol abuse, promoting church attendance and punishing abusive husbands. Thus, it would apparently be wrong to condemn the Klan just because of the cruel actions of a few of its members.
But it is not, since the underlying philosophy of the Klan is intrinsically defective, if not evil. But Obama insists that it is wrong to criticize, much less condemn, Islam for the barbaric actions of the relatively few of its members, who happen to take the dictates of the Q’uran and of Sharia Law seriously. Here again we can see the premise that what was  wrong was not what the Klan believed and did. Rather, what was wrong was the fact that members of the Klan were the ones who believed and did it.
The fifth way in which the tactics of the KKK have been emulated by the Democrats is the President’s expansion of executive powers. In the Jim Crow South, blacks were excluded from full active participation in the political process. Anecdotal evidence from the lives of a few blacks was used to support the conclusion that all blacks were intrinsically defective, if not sub-human or outright perverted.
In an analogous way, Obama, the Democrats and their sycophantic RINO allies now want to ignore the fact that official documents from the Department of Homeland Security have already listed fundamentalist Christians, returning veterans and NRA members as “potential terrorists.” And their gun control legislation currently being considered by Congress would allow those designated by DHS as terror suspects to be denied the right to buy guns or ammunition.
Put these two facts together and it is easy to see how President Obama could again abuse his executive power in order to categorize all Christian fundamentalists, veterans and NRA members (but not radical Wahabbi Moslems) as “potential terrorists.” He has already tried to abuse his power by refusing to enforce our immigration laws and by granting general amnesty, with little or no vetting, to those who have illegally infiltrated into our country. And among these are numerous jihadists, felons, gang members, drug dealers,  human traffickers and those afflicted with untreated and highly contagious diseases.
The Democratic governor of Virginia has decided to get around the law by insisting that has the power to expand his authority so as to grant a general restoration of voting rights to hundreds of thousands of convicted felons. Is it illogical, then, to ask whether the excuse of “national security” would be used as an excuse to issue a blanket warrant to prohibit the sale of guns or ammunition to fundamentalist Christians, veterans and NRA members - and even to expand the “intent” of that law to justify the confiscation of guns from any and all who belong to these groups?
Thus it is that, just as the old Democratic Party helped to spawn and sustain the KKK one hundred and fifty years ago, the new Democratic Party is seeking to spawn an unholy alliance among hedonists, secular progressives, criminal infiltrators and Islamic fundamentalists, whereby the rights of law-abiding citizens may be incrementally suppressed. After all, their policies over the past eight years have consistently shown that they do not believe that the actions of the KKK in the Old South were intrinsically wrong, but only that members of the KKK did them. But, like the Klan, they hold as a deep religious conviction the perverted idea that if they cannot use the power of persuasion, they have the right to use the persuasion of power.
As an epitaph, it should be noted that William Penn once pointed out a basic truth, “Those, who will not be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants.” Thus, as we continue to witness so many in our elected and appointed leaders rejecting the order and integrity ordained for us by our gracious and loving God, we are also seeing how their rebellion is inviting into our lives and our world the demons of desecration, disease, disaster, divorce, devastation, despondency, depression, despair, and death.
The arrogance of power presages a great devastation. Thus, as our current leaders continue to assure us that their wisdom, our advanced technology and the Federal Reserve can deliver us from all evil,  the simple wisdom of the old nursery rhyme teaches become increasingly evident, “All the king’s horse and all the king’s men [i.e., all of our advanced technology divorced from accountability to God’s moral norms] could not put Humpty back together again.”  
Spero columnist Rev. Thomas Collins is a Catholic priest in the service of the people of Virginia.



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