Street art, graffiti, and various sorts of broadsides and posters have long been a feature of political action during election campaigns and when controversy arises over political issues. Hollywood, not stranger to controversy, has added a wrinkle to that history with the appearance of posters that show support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Plastered on walls throughout Hollywood are black and white posters thanks to a street artist who uses the handle “Art Wing Conspiracy.” They popped up overnight and appeared this morning.

The clever images required a double-take because they utilized the familiar image of Apple Inc. -- the innovative computer company that broke the figurative mold imposed by IBM computers back in the 1970s that inspired fanatical followers. But where the semi-circular bite is found on the Apple trademark, on the posters appearing in Hollywood is instead the profile of Donald Trump. Trump’s silhouette is featured on the apple, while the words “Think Different” are at the bottom, making use of one of the most identifiable brands on earth to make a pro-Trump statement.

On Twitter, photographs posted by Art Wing Conspiracy (TWC) soon began to appear. TWC consists of a group of anonymous artists, according to The Gateway Pundit, who have been operating for years but usually do not take credit for their work.

Photographs showed that the posters were plastered on the former headquarters of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign at Johnnies Diner at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, while there were others taken at Melrose and Spaulding, and at the iconic Sunset and Highland intersection, as well as LaBrea and 4th Street. While some Trump supporters are hoping to see the poster design made into a shirt, it is unlikely that Apple Inc. would agree. Apple CEO Tim Cook is known to be a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Already, some posters have been torn down by spoilsports. Among the posters destroyed were those near Sony Motion Picture Studios in Culver City.



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