The Dallas Observer reported in 2012 that James Hale of a self-described Satanic Church outed the group's so-called Dark Overlord Adam Daniels as a registered sex offender. Daniels’ troubles began while serving as a sergeant at the Mable Basset Correctional Center in McLoud, Oklahoma, he said, when he developed an allegedly consensual relationship with a female prisoner. Daniels is now planning to hold a Black Mass at a government-run Oklahoma City Civic Center. Daniel’s group is selling tickets for the event where, according to its website, "The first ritual will [be] the Black Mass," while "the second ritual will be the Consumption of Mary."
Daniels led an anti-Christian satanic ritual in 2014. On Christmas Eve 2015, he poured costume blood over a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of Saint Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City with a permit from City Hall. The next such ritual is slated for August 15 of this year.
John Ritchie, of a Christian group known as Tradition, Family and Property, deplored the announcement. He told Spero News: "Every Black Mass is a direct, deliberate and sinful act of hatred against God.  Often, a Consecrated Host is stolen from a Catholic Church and then used to desecrate, mock and insult the Catholic Mass.”
Ritchie continued, saying that a so-called Black Mass is “not even remotely a form of religious expression, but rather a direct act of anti-religious bigotry and hatred against God.” When governments allow such deeply offensive acts on public property, Ritchie said that it begs the question: “Where is our beloved nation headed?  Are we still one nation under God?"
When Harvard University allowed a satanic Black Mass on campus in 2014, TFP Student Action delivered 46,000 protest petitions and organized a successful campaign which contributed to a last-minute cancelation. However, despite vigorous protest, Oklahoma City officials refused to cancel the first satanic Black Mass held at the Civic Center on September 21, 2014. "Real Americans do not want their children to grow up in a society where satanic Black Masses are considered normal and acceptable," said Ritchie.
On the Church of Ahriman website there is an invitation to the August 2016 event. It offers “a rare opportunity” for the public to learn about “Satanism and learn the difference of religious Ahrimanism,” which it defines as a “Zoroastrian Daeva worship found within Tantric Hinduism; which Zarathustra demonized the Agohri Shivite practices as part of creating the duality between cosmic order and chaos.”
The website confirms that the Black Mass, as written by the infamous cult leader – Anton LaVey – will be the first ritual to be performed “to show how the Satanic Philosophy is atheistic that falls in line with the Colonel ideals of Reason and Deism; combined with the religious mockery, blasphemy, and debauchery that made the Hellfire Clubs so infamous.”
In a statement made in 2014, Oklahoma Parks and Recreation allowed for the so-called Black Mass cited fears of litigation as its reasoning for allowing the use of the Civic Center. "If we had cancelled the event, we would likely have been sued by the ACLU, whom we know was watching the case very closely," stated a spokesperson. "In the past, when the city has attempted to interfere with an individual's free exercise of speech on our property, we have been taken to federal court. We have lost each of those cases at our taxpayers' expense."
As of today, a TFP Student Action petition to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has garnered 104,700 signatories. 



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