On September 21, the Oklahoma City Civic Center is hosting a so-called "Black Mass" at the publically funded venue. According to a statement by Tradition, Family, Property, an activist group based in Pennsylvania, more than 70,000 online signatures have been collected on an online petition urging the Civic Center to cancel the "Black Mass," which the group contends is an affront to all Christians and desecrates the true Catholic Mass.
"If the event involved stomping on the Koran, I bet the Civic Center would be calling for tolerance," said John Ritchi, who serves as TFP Student Action Director.  "But since the Black Mass calls for stomping on the Holy Eucharist, the Civic Center claims the event is 'educational' and deserves a public platform, which happens to be funded with Christian tax-dollars.  Shame on the Civic Center.  They're misusing the 1st Amendment as a billy club to beat God-loving Americans over the head.  It needs to stop."
In a development last week, Catholic Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City filed a lawsuit demanding that satanist Adam Daniels return a Holy Communion wafer, (also known as the Eucharist) which according to Catholic teaching is consecrated as the body and blood of Jesus Christ. According to TFP and news reports, Daniels illicitly obtained the wafer to be used in the "Black Mass." Archbishop Coakley demanded that it be returned to its rightful owner, the Catholic Church.  The lawsuit was successful and the Eucharistic host was returned to Archbishop Coakley.
"That was a victory," Ritchie said.  "But we must not rest until the whole sacrilege is canceled.  Civil leaders in Oklahoma should be encouraged to do the right thing, serve the common good, and cancel the 'Black Mass' altogether."
Students at Harvard University, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and many other institutions of higher learning joined the petition sponsored by TFP Student Action against the "Black Mass" in Oklahoma.  "The public outcry is only growing," Ritchie continued.  "The petition will probably hit 100,000 in a few weeks."
"Thousands of college students are really upset about this type of in-your-face satanism. They want America to remain one nation under God. And they want the "Black Mass" to be canceled right away."  
A similar Black Mass was called off two months ago at Harvard University.



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