Freedom Caucus to investigate US government collusion with Hillary Clinton campaign

politics | Jul 27, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), who leads the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity on the controversies surrounding the several investigations into supposed collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and the latter’s meddling during the 2016 presidential election. In the interview, he doubled down on an opinion article he co-wrote with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) in June that asked why should there not be an investigation of Hillary Clinton and the IRS in view of the fact that a special investigator is investigating the Russian angle.

On the Fox News website, they wrote:

“Former FBI Director James Comey misled the American people during last year’s presidential campaign when he referred to the Clinton email scandal as a ‘matter,’ not an investigation. He did it willfully. He did it intentionally. And he did it at the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“Mr. Comey misled the American people in the early weeks of the Trump administration by furthering the perception that President Trump was under investigation, when in fact he was not. He again did this willfully and intentionally.

“Comey recently admitted that, after being fired from the FBI, he had a friend leak an internal FBI document to the New York Times detailing a conversation Comey had with President Trump. Comey testified under oath that he ordered the leak to help create public momentum for the appointment of a special counsel, which we now know is Comey’s mentor and predecessor, Robert Mueller. 

“The American people want justice to be blind. They want equal justice and equal protection for everyone. But Mr. Comey’s actions continue to call his impartiality, and the impartiality of the Holder and Lynch Justice departments, into question.”

Meadows told Hannity on the Wednesday Fox News broadcast, “The American people, indeed your viewers, are looking at this and saying 'Why did you allow Loretta Lynch to mislead the American public and allow [FBI] director Comey to collude with her in doing that, to say that it was a 'matter' and not an investigation. So it will not go only into those details, but we're asking for documents. So, I'd love to take credit for this, but actually, this is Jim Jordan, Matt Gates, and Andy Biggs, and Mike Johnson [Freedom Caucus members]. A group of them have gotten together to put forth a resolution that says that we want the documents and indeed they are filing another document that calls for a special prosecutor to say 'Let's get to the bottom of it.' If we’re a nation of laws, and we've got a special counsel now for the whole Russia event, let's get to the bottom of it. I can tell you that my constituents want us to look at that." 

On what he expects Republicans to do, Meadows said, "We were given the White House, the Senate, and the House, and so we need to do that. Lady Justice is blindfolded.” Meadows said that at times Republicans have had the attitude that what is past is past. However, he said that despite the “Russian atmosphere" that "has taken over the media headlines,” Republicans have seen that “whole lot that has happened…” As for government meddling, Meadows said that “...indeed there was a government trying to interfere with the election: it was the United States government that was trying to make sure that Hillary Clinton was the next president. So we need to get to the bottom of that."

Finally, he reiterated that his Freedom Caucus colleagues are putting forth the measure for an investigation in the Judiciary Committee and plan to force a vote. “I believe that Republicans need to come to the defense of the president." 



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