Leftist feminists slammed the makers of Doritos snack chips for “humanizing” an unborn baby in an ad that featured animated ultra-sound images. The NARAL organization went on the attack for an ad that showed a pregnant woman being examined in a hospital with her husband at her side.
While the ultra-sound of her fetus is shown on a screen next to her bed, the expectant mother is told by an attending medic: “There’s your beautiful baby. Any day now.” The father stands with her, satisfying himself with the massively popular tortilla snack chips. He soon realizes that the unborn baby shows a hankering for the tasty snacks, as revealed by the ultra-sound that shows the baby following the father’s hand waving the chips.
It ends with the birth of a new human being, but NARAL – which promotes the multi-million dollar abortion industry that is taxpayer subsidized – went into a Twitter frenzy denouncing the funny and heartwarming ad.
The Doritos ad has been publicly available on YouTube since January 9,2016 and had over 1.7 million views. A description posted with the Doritos ad reads:
“Doritos Super Bowl 50 Commercial 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist Ultrasound. Doritos: 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist, ‘Ultrasound’. This Doritos 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist commercial, created by Peter Carstairs from Perth, Australia, takes us through a couple’s ultrasound session. The director Peter made one of the best Doritos commercial. In this commercial The husband eats a bag of Doritos loudly, and the wife complains to the doctor about what she has to deal with. He begins to move a chip toward his wife’s belly and the baby reaches for it. Having some fun with this, he moves the chip back and forth and watches as the fetus pushes toward it, causing the woman to yell in pain. Fed up with his nonsense, she grabs the chip and flings it across the room. She suddenly lets out a loud scream, and the doctor and husband join in the screaming as the baby’s cries can be heard.”
During the February 7 Super Bowl broadcast, NARAL posted to Twitter: 
“#NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50”
The pro-abortion group NARAL is adamantly opposed to mandatory ultrasounds for pregnant women seeking abortions, claiming that these are intended to “shame and harass women.“



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