Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi appeared today on Fox Business and told host Stuart Varney that she supports President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily halt the admission of immigrants from certain Muslim majority countries. She is one of the attorneys general who have not joined 16 of her colleagues in a letter to President Donald Trump denouncing his executive order that was proclaimed on January 27. Airports have been clogged with leftist protesters who have been denouncing the policy, joined by Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts who addressed crowds at Logan International Airport in Boston.
"We agree on religious liberty," said Bondi, "This is about radical terrorists. And the seven countries that the president chose were not chosen by him, they were the ones flagged by the previous administration: Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Libya." She added that Yemen is another country of concern. She said that over the weekend, Trump carried out a military mission that killed 14 al-Qaeda operatives that had been approved by Barack Obama. "That shows what's happening in Yemen and why Yemen is on that list." 
Varney criticized the roll-out of the executive order, saying that it was "poor implementation."
Bondi defended the Trump administration, pointing out that only 109 persons were barred admission out of more than 300,000 persons admitted in one day. She quoted Bill Clinton as saying that "We are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws." She noted that Obama's national security advisor Robert Gates agreed with Trump's executive order. "Our priority should be protecting America first," she said. 

Varney introduced breaking news in which Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump's proposed border wall while noting that the Israeli equivalent has stopped terrorism.



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