Spero News Daily Brief: June 15, 2015

politics | Jun 15, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

The Green Pope

Some scientists are expressing approval of a forthcoming papal document on the environment. For example, Jeff Kiehl of the federally-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research that Pope Francis’s encyclical ,"The encyclical is going to go out to over 1 billion Catholics — that's a way of getting a message across to a segment of society that the scientific community could never do," adding, "I mean it's just unbelievable." Some critics of the theory of global warming worry that the Pope is about to opine on a controversy within the area of science, not faith.

Democratic dissonance

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were visiting Iowa to drum up support for their respective candidacies for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. Clinton officially launched her presidential campaign on June 13. Sanders, for his part, called on the former Secretary of State to oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a trade deal that has support from President Obama and congressional Republicans.  Meanwhile, Clinton passed the buck to Obama.

Surveillance state

Technology and government surveillance takes a giant leap forward into biometrics.

Increased tensions on the eastern marches of Europe

NATO is pre-positioning troops, armor and artillery in the Baltic republics and Poland while tensions with a reanimated Russia increase. 

Bush 3.0

Reflections in Washington on Jeb Bush’s campaign announcement.

Ryan responds on Trans-Pacific Partnership

While he does not agree with President Obama on Obamacare, Republican Congressman Paul Ryan is gung-ho on Obamacare. Democrats disagree.  



Remains of WW2 pilot found on the bottom of Pacific Ocean

U.S. Navy personnel have discovered the remains of an American aviator who was shot down in combat over the Pacific Ocean in 1944. A team aboard USNS ...


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