When President Obama attempted to force Catholic institutions to provide contraception and the so-called “morning after” (abortion) pill he received quite a backlash from both the Catholic Church and religious institutions generally.

The very idea that government would attempt to infringe on religious freedom is not merely appalling, it is unconstitutional.

However, the administration has found a new ally in one Sandra Fluke in its continued efforts to force its agenda of taking total control of American lives.

Ms. Fluke recently appeared before Congress whining that without taxpayer-funded contraception she would incur a $3,000 annual expense she cannot afford. This, despite free and enormous availability from private providers across the country.

In other words, Ms. Fluke believes it is the responsibility of the American taxpayer to fund her sexual escapades whenever she desires.

Gee, since I could be seriously injured should I get into a car accident, and because I need to be healthy in order to operate my company, the taxpayers should provide me with free healthcare.

Imagine that. Free healthcare for being a victim of a car accident.

However, the difference is that I could be in a car accident while going to work or to pick up my grandchildren from school. Ms. Fluke wants to prevent pregnancy while engaged in unmarried sexual activity and wants us to pay for her protection.

This type of outrageous reasoning, if fully implemented across all lines, could be applied to anything the irresponsible segment of society desires, those that support the social engineering being meted out by the current administration in Washington.

As a result of her testimony, Ms. Fluke has given President Obama a gift he could not have dreamed of. With her help the issue of casual sex has now become one of “women’s health” rather than what it really is – another deliberate act of the administration toward government control of our personal lives, pushing its approach to a progressive and judgment-free society where anything goes.

Ms. Fluke has also, in the process, catapulted herself into this year’s presidential election. While attending a Catholic university, she expects that the Church should be ignored when it comes to its teachings regarding contraception. And with her actions she has helped the president off the hot seat that he’d been subjected to in recent weeks.

The federal government has now attempted to tell us what we should eat; that we should purchase healthcare or be fined; that we should teach sex education to elementary school children; and now that we taxpayers should fund contraception and abortion pills so that women can have sex whenever they please without consequence.

In the process, this story has also taken off the front burner the other issues that have pressured the president in recent weeks – the economy in general and the skyrocketing gas prices at the pump specifically.

What more could the president have asked for? And more to the point, what more will the American public tolerate before it takes a firm stand to reverse the retrogressing of our once-great nation.



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