President Donald Trump visited a California teenager, who was among the more than 500 persons injured in Sunday's mass shooting in Las Vegas. Tiffany Huizar, 18, is recovering from a wound to her stomach and elbow at University Medical Center. Trump visited the hospital on Wednesday, and spent time with medics and convalescing victims of the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

Huizar spoke to the press and said that she found Trump to be "comforting."  Huizar said of Trump: "He was super nice; he wasn't who we see on social media."

With a relative at her side, Huizar sat in bed while holding a plush toy when the president and First Lady Melania Trump stopped by to see her. When asked by a reporter what made the president seem so comforting, Huizar answered, "I don't know, I guess tone of voice and, just, the way he was..."

Huizar is a high school student from Santa Barbara, California.

In a speech to police and other first-responders, Trump said in a speech in Las Vegas on Wednesday:

"In the depths of horror we will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for ours. The mass murder that took place on Sunday night [and] fills America's heart with grief. America is truly a nation in mourning.

"We pray for the recovery of the injured. And those injured officers who so bravely threw themselves into danger when duty called. And we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who were killed in this vicious attack. Many families tonight will get to bed in a world that is suddenly empty the people they so dearly loved were torn away from them forever.

"Our souls are stricken with grief for every American that lost a husband or a wife, a mother or a father, a son or a daughter. We know that your sorrow feels endless. We stand together to help you carry your pain. You are not alone. We will never leave your side."



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