An effort by Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit Egypt to aid in the success of its elections, "cannot be regarded as an undue interference, but reveals the lack of understanding of the Egyptian reality by U.S. political leaders." So said Catholic Coptic Auxiliary bishop Boutros Fahim Awad Hanna.

During his trip, Secretary Kerry met President Muhammad Morsi and other Egyptian political leaders, but several opposition leaders refused to have talks with him, criticizing the United States for the support given to the Islamist government. The recent recalls U.S. policy makers to promote parliamentary elections in Egypt, which Morsi has scheduled for April 22, according to Bishop Anba Hanna, are "in a certain sense are obvious: they respond to the American mentality according to which participating in elections is a distinctive feature of the democratic system. But such approach does not take into account the reality of today's Egypt, where also the electoral and referendum consultations only seem to confirm decisions and power structures already established, out of every democratic rule. This is why someone reaches the point of saying: let's step back and let them play alone. At lea st the world will know that there is no true democracy in Egypt."
According to Bishop Anba Hanna, "Even through Kerry’s actions, it emerges that the U.S. do not fully understand what is happening in Egypt, where the political and social situation complicates itself beyond all expectations."
Kerry announced during his visit that the U.S. will pony up $250 million in aid to Egypt to cover its "extreme needs." The Secretary of State tweeted on March 4, "American people want to see political and economic success of our long-time partners, friends in #Egypt."
Meanwhile, Egyptian President Morsi is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund to garner a $4.8 billion loan package. Kerry will not be visiting Israel on this trip, but did swing through Turkey. Speaking in Riyadh, during his Saudi Arabia visit, Kerry criticized both Iran and Russia for shipping arms to the Assad regime in Syria. The U.S. is supporting some sectors of the insurgents fighting to topple the decades-old Assad government. 



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