Ann Coulter defended President Donald Trump’s statements about a controversial rape attack of a white woman in Central Park in 1989. The attack left the woman in a coma for 12 days and with permanent brain damage. Four young underage black men, the youngest at 14-years-old, and a Puerto Rican, were convicted and sentenced to five to 10 years for the crime.

Shortly after the attacks, Trump published full-page ads in four New York newspapers that bore the headline: “Bring back the death penalty” and “Bring back our police.” Trump’s ad declared, "White, Black, Hispanic and Asian" New Yorkers were afraid to enjoy the public park because of murderers and muggers. "I no longer want to understand their anger,” he wrote, “I want them to understand our anger. ... They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes."  

In 2001, the convictions of the five men, known as the Central Park Five, were overturned, based on DNA evidence and the testimony of one of the rapists who claimed he acted alone. The men were awarded $41 million by the city in 2014.

Since the exoneration, Trump was accused of reactionary racism by his political opponents in 2012 when filmmaker Sarah Burns, daughter of famed filmmaker Ken Burns, directed a documentary about the five men. In 2016, Trump doubled-down on his accusations and said the Central Park Five were guilty and told CNN in a written statement “they admitted they were guilty.”

After his statement, Sarah Burns wrote about Trump, saying “14 years after their sentences were vacated based on DNA evidence and the detailed and accurate confession of a serial rapist named Matias Reyes, Mr. Trump has doubled down.” Burns continued, “Mr. Trump is apparently ignorant of our country’s epidemic of wrongful convictions, which disproportionately affect minorities, and the prevalence of false confessions in those convictions.”

Coulter defends Trump, claims DNA evidence does not apply

In a new column, Coulter noted that 37 young men were questioned about several violent attacks that occured that night in the park. Only five of these were charged with the beating and rape of the jogger. 

“According to the media, the five convicted boys were INNOCENT — and Trump would have executed the poor lads! Apart from the ’innocent’ moniker, “ Counter wrote, “the rape victim miraculously survived, there was no murder, so this is nonsense. But let's look at how ‘innocent’ they were.”

Coulter wrote that after the Central Park savagery, media outlets proclaimed that the five convicted felons have been exonerated by DNA evidence. “Unfortunately for Meili, she was guilty of white privilege, while her attackers belonged to the "people of color" Brahmin caste. So, after waiting an interminable 13 years, the media proclaimed that the five convicts had been "exonerated" by DNA evidence!”

The bloody shirt police found at the scene

As Coulter points out, prosecutors did not use DNA evidence to convict the men, a primitive science almost 30 years ago that could barely detect the presence of DNA, which means that DNA evidence cannot exonerate them. She recounts that the perpetrators admitted to police, family members and others that they had participated in the attack. For example, one of the convicted rapists, Korey Wise, told two of his friends on the day after the attack: "You heard about that woman that was beat up and raped in the park last night? That was us!" He later told a detective, "Damn, damn, that's a lot of blood. ... I knew she was bleeding, but I didn't know how bad she was. It was dark. I couldn't see how much blood there was at night." 

Coulter also slammed Sarah Burns. Coulter said the film director created a “propaganda” piece that excused the criminals because they were unfamiliar with the justice system or their rights.

“Burns has studied the trial transcripts so closely that she called the prosecutor by the wrong name in her op-ed,” Coulter wrote. “Far from trembling and afraid, as Burns imagines, the suspects were singing the rap song ‘Wild Thing’ for hours in the precinct house, laughing and joking about raping the jogger. One of the attackers said, ‘It was fun.’”


The Lone Attacker?

With the exoneration of the Central Park Five based on the confession of Matias Reyes, who said he attacked the jogger alone, Coulter claims all evidence and a trial by jury was thrown away based on the word of a “psychopath.”  “[A]ll that is nothing compared to the word of an upstanding citizen like Reyes,” Coulter wrote, “a violent psychopath who sexually assaulted his own mother and raped and murdered a pregnant woman while her children heard the attack through the bedroom door.”

Despite the circumstantial evidence and other crimes committed by the Central Park Five that April night in Central Park in 1989, Coulter said the “social justice warriors’” verdict in the case was to “award the criminals $41 million. Trump's idea: Punish them. And you still can't figure out how he became president.” 



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