Palestinian Muslim activist Rula Jebreal said on CNN Tonight that “white people” cannot understand Islamic culture.
Jebreal told host Don Lemon this week that government funding should be provided to fully integrate Islam into society. Following the deadly Muslim terrorist bombings in Brussels, that killed 2 Americans and more than 30 others on March 22, Jebreal said that in addition to spending on defense, Europe should spend an equivalent amount on the “integration” of the millions of Muslims who now live in Europe.
Addressing Buck Sexton, a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, Jebreal said “I don’t know, Buck, if you speak Arabic. And clearly, you talk about terrorists, but you need to understand the culture. You need to understand the language. You need to understand what is appealing — what is the message that ISIS actually is selling in these prison cells. And what they are selling online.”
To this, Sexton answered, “Respectfully, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan targeting people that were doing beheadings, that were building suicide vests. I mean, so I was doing that at a very specific level.”
Following animated crosstalk, Jebreal said, “With all due respect, white people like yourself who doesn’t understand the language, doesn’t understand the culture and doesn’t even know the religion."
Countering Jebreal’s assertions that he cannot effectively comment on terrorism in Europe because he does not understand Islam or the Arabic language, Sexton said “There are a lot of people who are disenfranchised who don’t strap on suicide vests, who don’t decide that they’re going to join a foreign fight in a foreign country, and take part in an imperial venture, and kill as many innocent civilians as possible.”
Jebreal is an author and journalist who holds Israeli and Italian citizenship. She calls herself a secular Muslim. She is married to Arthur Altschul Jr., the scion of a wealthy Jewish banking family. Her father was an imam at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.



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