Sen. Ted Cruz, following his victory in the Wisconsin Republican primary, appealed directly to blue-collar voters by referring to "working moms," "plumbers," "truck drivers," and "steel-workers." The Texas senator had campaigned aggressively throughout Wisconsin, sending his wife Heidi, Gov. Scott Walker's wife, and failed Republican candidate Carly Fiorina to run offense and thus appeal to women voters. He took advantage of remarks Donald Trump made last week that rattled both pro-life and pro-abortion voters, as well as statements the New Yorker made about wife Heidi Cruz.
Trump also campaigned aggressively in Wisconsin, conducting five barnstorming appearances in just three days. At his final event, Trump anticipated a less-than-spectacular result in the Cheese State. “I’m not seeing polls that are great, I’m a little bit down, I’m down in some, I’m a little bit down,” he said.
Polling results are not final but Cruz was declared the winner by various news organizations soon after the polls closed. The number of delegates accorded to Cruz and Trump is not yet clear.
Continuing his efforts to secure steady ground in the GOP convention this summer, Cruz won over six undeclared delegates in Colorado, while he gained 18 of 25 unbound delegates in North Dakota. Trump round up just one self-identified possible delegate in North Dakota. At his victory speech in Milwaukee last night, Cruz said “Four very different states — Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Wisconsin — four victories.”
As of now, Trump has 743 delegates, as opposed to 517 for Cruz and 171 for Sen. Marco Rubio. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has 143.




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