His Holiness Pope Francis
Domus Sanctae Marthae
Vatican City State, 00120
Your Holiness,
I am writing you to add my voice to others who have concerns about the Synod on the Family which reconvenes in October this year. There are many as I am sure you know who are troubled by some issues raised by the Synod last October who would have the Church examine Church teaching on remarried Catholics and homosexuality. I personally, in faith and charity, believe as I know you do that the discussion of these matters does not change Church teaching.
That said, I am or I am trying to be a loyal Catholic priest who with God’s help will serve the many engaged and disengaged families in my country as best I can in their needs particularly in raising and loving their children as God intended. I am retired which I consider a misnomer for a Catholic priest, am in good health and happen to be your age. I will be 78 years old in a week’s time and hope I may continue serving those who may want my assistance. I have been visiting with families in their homes mending their relationships, fathers, mothers and children.
It is today a vast field for harvesting. The majority of Catholics in the United States do not practice their faith especially regarding Church norms on family life and sex education. I have a website, www.FamilyandChild.net which I am using as a meeting place for families with whom I am engaged.
I expect it to be a slow process and ask Jesus’ grace that I do some good. I will as best I can plant and water and allow God to give the growth. I am basing my apostolate, which my Ordinary, Reverend David Molloy, (Diocese of Rockford, USA) knows of, on Saint John Paul II’s Exhortation, Familiaris Consortio, and which I have coalesced into ten “Principles” and guidelines for families to follow. I expect to have the “principles” published on the internet at Speroforum.com.
May the grace of our Lord be with you,
Rev. Tom Bartolomeo
Rockford, Illinois



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