Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential front-runner, tweeted on September 23 that he will no longer grant any appearances on Fox News until the network grants him more favorable coverage. On Twitter, the New Yorker millionaire wrote "Fox News has been treating me very unfairly [and] I have therefore decided that I won't be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future."
This came just a few days after he had called into Fox News morning show and  and also appeared on "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren." Recently, Trump also has continued his criticism of Fox News personalities Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly. On September 21, Trump tweeted, "I'm having a really hard time watching Fox News." Trump tweeted Monday.
Then on the evening of September 22, Trump told comedian Stephen Colbert that his opinion of MSNBC has waxed and his opinion of Fox News has waned. Referring to MSNBC host Chuck Todd, Trump said "The 'moron' has become a very nice guy," Trump told Colbert. 
In a statement released on the afternoon of September 23, Fox News condemned Trump's boycott that came after the network cancelled a forthcoming segment featuring Trump on "The O'Reilly Factor." 
"When coverage doesn't go [Trump's] way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts," Fox News wrote. The statement added that Trump, "doesn't seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country."



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