Daniel DeJesus Rangel Sherrer, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant, has is alleged to have murdered a teenaged girl in Greenville County, South Carolina. Because he is among those illegal immigrants covered by the Obama-era Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA), he has been shielded from deportation. Nearly 800,000 illegal aliens, so-called DREAMers who came to the United States as minors, have been allowed to work and receive public education without fear of deportation. Rangel Sherrer had been given a work permit under DACA.

Sherrer has been charged with the murder of 18-year-old Diana Martinez-Gonzalez, a high-school student whose bullet-ridden corpse was found in a woods in Easley, South Carolina. She was found dead at the scene, with gun shot wounds in the head. According to Greenville County Master Deputy Ryan Flood, Sherrer confessed to his alleged murder of Martinez-Gonzalez. Sheriff Will Harris said the crime was an act of "pure evil."

Sherrer told deputies that he allegedly murdered Martinez-Gonzalez because she had spread false gossip about him. According to law enforcement sources, the DACA beneficiary had also held another girl against her will. However, she managed to escape the scene of the crime. Sherrer is now facing first-degree murder charges. He is also charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and kidnapping. Should he be released from prison, he would face deportation. Sherrer is a Mexican national.

DACA was created by executive order by Barack Obama in 2012, allowing hundreds of thousands of young people to remain in the country. Having spent most of their lives in the US, many have little connection to the country of their birth. With the temporary amnesty granted to them by Obama, many are attending publicly-funded colleges and universities. More than 2000 were ineligible for DACA because of their crimes and affiliations with criminal organizations.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier this year that DACA will officially end in March 2018. In the meantime, congressional Democrats and some Republicans are seeking to provide permanent amnesty to the recipients. 



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