Donald Trump is retaining television ad buys in just three of the largest TV markets in Ohio next week, while eliminating ad buys elsewhere in the state. In the Dayton, Youngstown, Toledo, and the Charleston/Huntington (WV) markets, Trump has cancelled about $200,000 in advertising. However, he is continuing his ad campaign in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. It was in the latter that the Republican National Convention was held this summer.
The Trump campaign is also reducing its TV ad buys in smaller markets such as Greenville-New Bern (NC), and Tallahassee (FL). And according to NBC News reports, the Republican candidate is cutting about $1.5 million in advertising nationwide in battleground states such as Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania , and Iowa. According to analysts, the Trump organization has made complete cancellations in those markets. Trump continues to advertise elsewhere, including Columbus, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. For her part, Democrat Hillary Clinton has not made such cuts.
Ted Strickland, a Democrat who is running against incumbent Sen. Rob Portman, and has cut advertising in all but the three biggest largest Ohio television markets after being vastly out funded by Portman. The difference lies in that Portman was leading the Democrat Strickland by 17 points in the last Quinnipiac University Poll of Ohio. In that poll, Trump held a five-point lead over Clinton. The Monmouth Poll, which was also released this week, showed Clinton’s lead at two points over Trump in Ohio.
According to a campaign spokesman, Trump’s national media buy is expanding by an additional $1 million. However, at the state-by-state level, spending is about the same. The campaign is shifting resources from “over-performing markets to new battlegrounds within the battlegrounds,” said Seth Unger, who added that the overall ad buy will go. 



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