In just two years, Germany welcomed one million migrants and unvetted refugees in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed close over 280,000 migrants in 2016 to a country of 82 million. There are growing concerns in the electorate over her open-doors policy, particularly on the part of groups such as PEGIDA. 

On Sunday, Merkel said she would prefer a new election to ruling with a minority party. This came after talks failed to form a three-way coalition government. According to Merkel, the main stumbling block was immigration. She was forced into negotiations after losing support to conservatives in the Sept. 24 election. The failure of the talks involved Merkel's Christian Democrats, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and environmentalist Greens. The prospect of a snap election is being heralded as Germany's biggest political crisis since 1948. 

Besides politicians, some public figures have denounced Merkel's policies. Among that are the singer Morrissey, who is the front man of The Smiths, a rock band, that is famed for the song "Big Mouth Strikes Again." Morrissey denounced multiculturalism that is diluting the national identity of Europe's distinctive countries. In an interview with Der Spiegel, he said: “I want Germany to be German. I want France to be French. “If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end. “All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years.” He added, “And now they just throw it away. I think that’s sad.” When he was asked if Merkel is the “mother” of Europe, due to her 12 years at the helm in Germany and her power within the European Union, Morrissey said, “Well, she’s smart enough not to say much.”

rl Lagerfeld is the creative genius behind Chanel, Fendi, H&M and Chloe made headlines this week for his criticism of Europe’s suicidal open borders policies. Lagerfeld landed in hot water after criticizing the EU’s suicide. Lagerfeld told a French radio program it was insane for Europe to import millions of Muslims from the third world. The truth is now hate speech in the Western World according to liberals. Just wondering — Is there any way to put this guy in charge of DHS instead of the current loon who was nominated?

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld sparked outrage by bringing up the spectre of the Holocaust  when he blasted Merkel for opening the country’s borders to migrants. “One cannot — even if there are decades between them — kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place,” he told a French television show. “I know someone in Germany who took a young Syrian and after four days said, ‘The greatest thing Germany invented was the Holocaust,’” he added.



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