A teenage girl who had been reportedly missing for two months was  found hidden in a closet. Her family and boyfriend have been arrested for helping the teen disappear. Loretta Norvell, 17, said she was "disappointed she was found."
The first report that young Loretta was missing from her bedroom came on January 14. She had been living at her aunt’s home in Trenton, Ohio. Police launched a massive search for the girl, but found her at the home of the aunt and uncle of her boyfriend, a minor. The boyfriend, who was not named is under arrest, as are his relatives: aunt Lucinda Bryant and uncle Robert Bryant, both of whom are age 47. Also arrested is the boyfriend’s mother, Laura Stephens, 55. 
Police believe that Stephens took Loretta from the side of the road on the night she went missing and then made arrangements for her to live with her sister and brother-in-law, in whose home the teen was found.
A spokesperson for the Trenton Police Department said that certain persons who were involved in the disappearance lied or had not provided information. Loretta was not held against her will. She was unharmed. 
Taxpayers were out $6,000 in overtime paid to police and firefighters who participated in the search for the missing girl. While it was not revealed why Lauretta had left with Stephens, police believe that she had intended to remain in hiding until reaching the age of 18 in just a few months. 
She is now under the care of child services, but faces unruly juvenile charges.
Stephens has been charged inter alia with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and making false alarms, while the boyfriend and the Bryants faces charges of falsification, obstruction of justice and interference with custody.



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