Deonte Green -- a 16-year-old boy -- is a alleged to have conducted a criminal rampage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Sunday evening. Green allegedly broke into the home of an elderly couple and forced them to drive to an ATM. He stole their money and a handgun. 

According to Tulsa police sergeant Dave Walker, the black teenager then made the couple return home, where he raped the elderly woman. Leaving behind the aged couple, Green later encountered a woman about a half hour later. The woman was leaving her home with her daughters on a nearby street. Forcing them inside their home, he was confronted by Shane Anderson, the woman's husband. 

According to Sgt. Walker, “The husband fought with Green, and Green shot the husband.” Walker went on to say, “The husband continued to struggle with Green before collapsing inside the house.”

Anderson died as a result of his injuries. Aged 44, he was a geography teacher at Oneta Ridge Middle School.

Fleeing on foot, Green is alleged to have pulled a firearms on another couple just 12 hours later. Upon fleeing that holdup, Green was spotted by local cops, who managed to arrest him. He was taken into custody and was remanded to the Tulsa jail.

Green is believed to be a member of a gang who have conducted multiple vehicle thefts and break-ins in the area. 

More than one week ago, Green had been booked into the Tulsa Jail on a burglary complaint, Tulsa Police Sgt. Shane Tuell said. However, in that case, the District Attorney’s Office declined to filed charges in that case. Green was a person of interest in multiple burglaries. “For being as young as he is and already being known by the police like that, it’s extremely concerning and very serious,” Tuell said. “His crimes continued to escalate. … Calling it a tragedy doesn’t do it justice,” Tuell said.

Green is in the Tulsa jail on murder, robbery and sexual assault complaints, Walker said.

The superintendant of the Broken Arrow school district paid tribute to Anderson for what she described as "a terrible and senseless act of violence." “I am devastated by the news of Mr Anderson’s tragic passing,” said superintendent Janet Dunlop. “Our hearts are breaking for his family, and we will support them every way possible during this unimaginable time.”



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