In an interview on Hill.TV, Republican pollster Conor Maguire said in an interview that progressives within the Democratic Party would "lose their minds" if Hillary Clinton should launch a third presidential bid. "I think the new wing of the [Democratic] Party would absolutely lose their minds if Hillary came back and tried to redirect it back towards her," said Maguire on Tuesday. He is a senior client strategist at WPA Intelligence.

Speaking to Joe Concha on "What America's Thinking," Maguire said, "They have fought so hard to really readjust the party and get themselves back on track, and Hillary would just be an absolute step in the wrong direction for them." Among the progressives elected on November 6 are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, both of whom have been associated with the Democratic Socialists of America. The two women will represent New York and Michigan, respectively, in the House of Representatives when Congress convenes in January. 

This week, Andrew Stein, a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the New York City Council, and Mark Penn, a former adviser to Clinton, wrote an op-ed that predicted that the former senator and secretary of state will once again run for the White House in 2020. They wrote, “True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies,” and added, “She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.”

Ocasio-Cortez and like-minded leftists have aligned themselves with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who ran as a progressive Democrat against Clinton and lost in the 2016 party primary. His name has also been bruited about as a possible candidate for the Democrats in 2020.



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