Thousands of Central American migrants continue to press forward, making their way on foot towards their ultimate destination: the United States. On Thursday, approximately 7000 migrants began leaving the village of Mapastepec in Mexico's southernmost state, Chiapas, and headed to the town of Pijijiapan. Charitable Mexican people offered food, water and clothing as the migrants walked by. Some of the migrants were given rides by passing motorists who transported them the approximately 30 miles between the two small towns. 

According to local reports, authorities calculate the number of migrants who are moving northward at 3630; organizers of what critics are calling an "invasion" say they number more than 5500. They are headed to Arriaga, a town on the border of neighboring Oaxaca State. Some participants say that they intend to head to Mexico City and continue on to the southern border of the U.S.

Along the route taken by the migrants through Chiapas, some residents complained that donated food and clothing were found discarded along the roadways and town squares utilized by the transients. A Mexican woman documented the waste with a video that showed the streets and town square in her village lined with donated clothing and food that had been left behind. Observing the scene in the town of Huixtla, the narrator says, “The migrants have left, and they have left behind their garbage...leftovers of food, and they say they can’t afford food. The fact that they go to a foreign country does not mean that they should not be clean...It is not just that they leave behind this garbage dump in such a hospitable place.” The narrator suggested on the video that something more than just necessity is animating the migrants to leave their homeland and head north.

There are local reports that Mexican authorities are refusing to provide shelter, food and water to migrants who refused to apply for visas or asylum when they first crossed into Mexican territory. Those who decided to adhere to Mexico's immigration regulations were taken to reception centers near Ciudad Hidalgo, which lies on the other side of the international bridge connecting the city to its Guatemalan counterpart, Tecun Uman, on the other side of the Usumacinta River, which divided Mexico from Guatemala.

Mexican citizens furious about the trail of trash left by the invaders. The narrator describes how the donated clothes and food is discarded in the streets. He questions what kind of poor and hungry people would do such a thing. from r/The_Donald

Also in Huixtla, local authorities were seen fumigating migrants sleeping and resting there on Wednesday night. Federal officials are looking into the incident. According to local reports, the fumigation was carried out because of concerns that the migrants are carrying diseases such as dengue and chinkungunya.



Fulfilling President Trump’s threat of deploying troops at the border, Defense Secretary James Mattis will reportedly authorize some 800 soldiers to bolster National Guard units and Border Patrol units already on the scene. On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted: "I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency. They will be stopped!"



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