A vagrant is being charged with nearly stabbing to death a middle-aged homeowner in Oregon. Todd Schneider, 25, has been charged with stabbing Kasey Lebechuck nearly 20 times. Lebechuck confronted Schneider on Sunday night about camping out in the Portland neighborhood. Schneider allegedly responded by stabbing Lebechuck multiple times.

Emergency crews responded at about 6 p.m. in northeastern Portland and found Lebechuck suffering from life-threatening wounds. According to KPTV, Lebechuck's daughter, Kayla McNeel, said her father nearly died. McNeel told KPTV, “He is lucky to be alive. He was stabbed 17 times, so I mean he got him everywhere. Lungs, eyes, his stomach, his back, his head.” 

McNeel said that on Sunday night that Lebechuck approached Schneider to tell the homeless man that he was in a restricted area. When Schneider reached into his backpack, ostensibly to retrieve his phone, he instead brought out a knife and began stabbing Lebechuck.

Once he was left behind by Schneider, Lebechuck sought help at a neighbor's porch where he collapsed. The neighbor called emergency services, which took Lebechuck to a nearby hospital.

Lebechuck had frequently complained to authorities about homeless people camping out near his home. Local law enforcement have not confirmed whether Schneider was homeless. The case is currently under investigation.

McNeel has set up a GoFundMe account for her father. As of Tuesday, more than $4000 had been raised from donations.

The attack happened around two miles from a site where authorities propose to put a homeless shelter. Residents are apprehensive about having the facility in their neighborhood. According to a report by KATU news, residents have complained that they had heard little about the proposal before it was announced. The shelter is planned to come close to residences. It would feature 125 beds for homeless men over the age of 55, as well as an 8-foot fence.

Lebechuck’s daughter, Shawna, said that providing mental health treatment would be better than building a homeless shelter. She told KATU "I don't think a homeless shelter is going to fix anything," and added, "It's not going to solve the issue."



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