Two men were fatally shot early Wednesday morning on the campus of Grambling State University, a historically black institution located in northern Louisiana. According to local authorities, the suspected killer fled and is still at learge. The Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department indicated that the suspect is not believed to be a student at GSU.

Police say that there was an altercation in a dormitory room on campus, which then devolved into the fatal shooting in a courtyard outside.

The victims were, according to Grambling State University Director of University Communications Will Sutton, GSU senior Earl Andrews and Monquiarious Caldwell, a non-student. Both were aged 23 years and from Farmerville, Louisiana. They were pronounced dead at the scene of the crime.

Speaking on-camera in the pre-dawn hours on Wednesday, Sutton said, "This is a horrible tragedy. Nothing that anybody would've ever wanted to have happened." Sutton said:  "Our prayers are with the victims and their families. There’s no place for violence on Grambling State University campus. We always encourage our students to be safe, to be aware, watch who they hang out with, and watch who’s around at all times. This is a most unfortunate situation."

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Department is assisting campus police with an investigation into the shooting deaths. While GSU was placed on lockdown after the incident, students were advised to stay indoors and remain watchful. 

Grambling State was founded in 1901 and accredited in 1949, gaining university status in 1974.  African-American farmers in rural north Louisiana who wanted to improve the level of education in their community inspired the founding of the institution. The famed educator and activist, Booker T. Washington of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, assisted in its found. Charles P. Adams was ts founder and first president. The GSU Tigers participate in NCAA Level 1 sports, drawing students from outside Louisiana, especially California, Illinois, and Texas. The campus is 60 percent female.

A Facebook page in the name 'Earl Andrews' featured a promotional video for the prototype of a foldable 9 mm pistol being offered by FullConceal.

Messages of condolence were found on a Facebook page associated with the name 'Monquiarious Caldwell.' Erickia Grant wrote: "RIP!!! Young Man...praying for your family and friends!" And Latoya Captainofdakoolkidz Williams wrote: "RIH " [sic]. Bryan Segall wrote: "Blessing to you and your family."



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