Medical examiners and anthropologists verified the initial impressions conveyed by workers in Florida, who found human remains in a septic tank. The owner of a home near Gainesville had experienced problems with the septic tank, calling in a septic repair company to find the problem. 

At about 9:50 a.m. on Monday, police received a call. The septic company’s equipment that was used to empty the tank had clogged. It was then that workmen on the scene in Newberry found what appeared to be human bones. According to some reports, the bones were large and consistent with male remains.

The Alachua sheriff has opened an investigation. However, the categorization of the probe may change after medical examiners piece together the bones that have been recovered in order to determine the cause of death. Experts will look for any identifying marks that may lead them to find out whose body had been put in the tank and when. When  Florida homeowner had more problems than he bargained for when he called a septic repair company to take a look at his tank.

Sgt. Chris Sims of the Alachua County Sheriff’s office reported that the remains were found at 21701 NW 52nd Place in Newberry. Detectives, the local medical examiner’s office, and forensic anthropologists from the University of Florida Pound Lab — a human identification lab -- concurred that the bones are human.

Property records show Jathan Sean Barnes and Lesa Ann Delauder own the mobile home where the remains were found. They bought the property from Wilfred James Schutt in June 2016. Schutt had owned the property for 21 years. Barnes and Delauder are considered witnesses in this still unresolved case. 



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