Leftist activist Shaun King, a white supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, has vowed to organized a boycott of not only New York City, but also San Francisco, and Standing Rock: the latter is the site in South Dakota that has been rocked by weeks of protests and an occupation organized by opponents of the XXX pipeline project. Speaking on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, King said that his “Injustice Boycott” aims to compel the cities to meet leftists’ demands concerning relations between civilians and police.
King said that if the demands are not met by January 16 that he will active more than 200,000 protesters to boycott both commerce and government.
Among the actions King plans is:
“A comprehensive divestment plan where we ask people to pull their money out of banks, financial institutions, and investment plans in which we have determined that those institutions either directly support racial injustice or police brutality in those cities or have chosen to remain completely silent in the midst of this national crisis.” 
In addition, he promises,
“A targeted national boycott of businesses in those cities that have either directly supported injustice or have remained painfully silent in the face of it.”
“[Disruption of] cities by protest designed to inconvenience and shut down both commerce and government.”
King is also a columnist for the New York Daily News.
King asserted that he is issuing a threat to the general public. “In essence right now what we’re making is a threat,” he said. “If you don’t make them, on January 17, we will have a four-prong boycott on your city.” He also said that he does not to see the roll-out become unwieldy, stating a fear that it might be “be poorly managed.”
Previous projects managed by King ended up in a confrontation with other activists in the Black Lives Matter movement. For example, activist DeRay Mckesson criticized King for his refusal to answer for his handling of his protest project “Justice Together.” It was only after media exposure that King returned more than $10,000 in donations he raised for that project. 



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