On Tuesday, the government of China called on France to protect the "security and rights" of Chinese nationals living in France. The demand came just two days after police shot and killed a Chinese man in Paris. A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of China, Hua Chunying, said that her government has registered a formal complaint with the French government. China is demanding that France should “shed light on the matter.”
On Sunday evening, police went to a home in the 19th arrondissement in Paris to answer a call about a domestic dispute. According to authorities, as soon as the door to the home opened, the 56-year-old Liu Shaoyo rushed out to assault an officer and injured him with a pair of scissors. The officer’s partner opened fire on the assailant and mortally wounded him. Police say that a bullet-proof vest saved the officer from injury by stabbing.
However, Job Calvin -- an attorney representing the family of the deceased -- disputes the facts as represented by police. According to Job, the the dead man had been cutting fish with a pair of scissors. The attorney said that the man -- a father of four children between the ages of 15 and 21 -- did not rush the police nor did he assault them. Job alleged that police “fired without warning.”
Rioting ensued on Monday in Paris after at least 150 demonstrators clashed with police outside a police station while paying homage to the dead man. Some shouted “Murderers!” Three officers were injured and 30 persons arrested. police killing of a Chinese man has left three police officers injured with more than 30 people detained.
A daughter of the deceased said that her father understood little French and had answered the door with the scissors in his hand that he had been using to prepare fish for dinner. "They smashed the door in, the shot went off and my father ended up on the floor," she told a Parisian newspaper.
Last year, France allowed Chinese police to come to Paris to augment local police in order to address security concerns on the part of Chinese tourists in the City of Lights. However, according to  BBC's Hugh Schofield, intervention by China in this case is unusual. He said that this is the first time that China has criticized actions by French law enforcement. Police will interview the dead man’s family on Tuesday. 
The French foreign ministry released a statement saying that the security of Chinese in France is a priority. "Additional (security) measures have been taken in recent months and everything has been done to provide them with the best conditions for living here and for their security," it said.



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