During last night's GOP presidential debate, CNN host Jake Tapper asked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) about his take on the issue of climate change. Tapper said that the Republican mayor of Miami, who has endorsed Rubio, has embraced what he called the "scientific consensus about climate change" and asked for Rubio’s pledge to do something about it. When Rubio was asked whether he would make the pledge, he said “Well, sure, if the climate is changing and one of the reasons is because the climate has always been changing.”
Expanding on his statement, Rubio said that the climate is always changing. As for if there are rising sea levels, Rubio said this can be handled by mitigation. For policymakers, he said, the question is whether there is climate change because of human activity and if so, whether there are laws that fix the problem. His conclusion was that “as a law that we can pass in Washington to change the weather, there’s no such thing.”
As for such laws, Rubio asserted that laws being proposed to fix climate change would be “devastating for our economy, and that American citizens would pay the brunt of it. “The cost,” he said, will be “rammed down the throats of the American consumer, the single parent, the working families,” who will see an increase in the cost of living because of a resultant rise in energy costs. And businesses, said Rubio, would leave the U.S. because of the rising cost of energy. 
The impact on the environment, he said, would be zero, because “China is still going to be polluting and India is still going to be polluting at historic levels.” While he favors a clean environment, Rubio said the proposed laws will do nothing for the environment and “devastate our economy.” Rubio predicted that if the proposed laws are passed, his endorser, Miami’s Republican Mayor Tomás Regalado, would soon hear from families, “who are barely getting by”, who had seen their energy bills spike because the laws had made energy more expensive to produce.
This position is not new for Rubio, who has said in the past that humans play no role in climate change.



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