When a man received a fearful text from his daughter, he rushed to rescue her. After reading, “There’s a man following me home, dad,” the 57-year-old father got to the scene just in the nick of time.
The father found that a Syrian male refugee had punched the daughter until she was nearly unconscious. While on top of the victim, the assailant ripped her clothes off and began to drag her into nearby bushes. 
Arriving on a scooter, the father of the victim leapt off the scooter and shouted at the drunken rapist. Hauling the criminal off his daughter, the father punched the man several times and held him down. Police and an ambulance arrived in response to the father’s calls for help. 
The suspect is now facing charges of assault and attempted sexual assault.
The 23-year-old victim was treated in a local hospital but was released later. She had been dancing with friends at a disco on the evening of January 7. When she could not find a cab at 5:30 a.m. on January 8, she started walking the approximately two miles to her parents’ home in Kleve. Having noted that a man was following her, she crossed from side to side of the road home and saw that the would-be attacker continued to track her.
The suspect is a 23-year-old Syrian who lives at a refugee shelter in Kleve. The city is found in the northwestern region of Germany, near the border of The Netherlands.
A police statement proclaimed the young woman’s father a “hero.” It said, "He saved his own daughter from something terrible happening to her."
Germany has been shocked by news of rapes and killings ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed more than 1 million refugees into the country. While intended to help persons displaced by the civil war in Syria, many thousands of people came from other countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. On New Year's Eve, 14 women were sexually assaulted during celebrations in Hamburg. Also in Hamburg, on January 8, an off-duty nurse, who was going home after leaving her shift at a local hospital, responded to cries for help. Once she went to provide assistance, several men who she later described as African's who did not speak German attacked and gang-raped her. They left her nude and uunconscious However, she came to and was able to call for assistance. Even though the assailants had assaulted and robbed her, they had left behind her phone. Police are still looking for the culprits.



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