Born in Turkey and raised a Muslim, Derya Little was taught what to think about Allah, Muhammed, and the Quran, and life as a Muslim. As she grew older and read more about Islam, she concluded that Islam is based on fear and submission and contributed to the abhorrent treatment of women in Islamic countries. She then rejected all religions, including Islam, having concluded that they were merely a means to control the masses, Little rejected Islam and became an atheist.

This was but the beginning of Little’s unique faith journey. After experiencing a conversion, Little left atheism for evangelical Chrisitianity but eventually became a Catholic. This journey is chronicle in her book: "From Islam to Christ: One Woman’s Path Through the Riddles of God." 

In her book, she described an encounter with a Christian missionary. Little was an atheist at the time. However, after unsuccessfully trying to convert her new friend to atheism, it was Little who was converted. Later, while attending a Turkish university and serving as a Christian youth minister, Little began to compare the teachings of Protestantism and Catholicism. During doctoral studies in England, Little took the life-altering step of joining the Catholic Church. It was a decision that continues to have a profound impact on her life today.

Little's book offers a unique perspective on Islam and modernity. In Islam to Christ, Little also provides tips on how to discover the joy of spreading Catholicism, imploring her readers to “strive to give future generations a more faithful, more on-fire and more attractive Church.”

“Little has done the world a service by writing this courageous book,” wrote Kathryn Jean Lopez of the National Review Institute of "From Islam to Christ." Lopez wrote: “On her journey from Islam to atheism to Evangelical Christianity to Roman Catholicism, we show how the Divine Physician brings a healing balm to many open wounds people live with today.”



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