At a time when the moral fabric of the country is frightfully evaporating as fast as political correctness is taking hold of our once-great nation, our president has apparently joined the effort to infringe on parental rights and the rights of religious institutions with his effort to force religious medical facilities to provide contraception and the “morning after” (abortion) pill.
The progressives that have been pushing the envelope in so many areas over the last several years continue to make headway even in our public schools.
Little know are the numerous examples of public school districts pushing their progressive – and permissively liberal – agenda include the following:
In Ohio a sex education course sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control was attended by school students who were told to sign a “code of silence” in which they agreed not to disclose to their parents what they were being taught. The course included learning the practice of using condoms (in which a penile model was used) and learing how to use lubricants, spermicide and paper towels after sex.
A parent was able to witness a student assembly in California during a “Week of Diversity” program in which vulgar language was used, inappropriate sex scenes where a bra, panties and nylons were thrown from behind a sheet on a stage with sound effects of sexual intercourse. All this performed by teens. Additionally, the program included presentations that promoted homosexuality, bisexuality and transgendered sex as being healthy and normal.
Palmdale School District in Los Angeles County found it appropriate to hand out questionnaires to first, third and fifth grade students that included such questions as:
-- Do you touch your private parts too much?
-- Do you think about having sex?
-- How often do you think about touching other people’s private parts?
Palmdale Unified was sued in Fields vs. Palmdale Unified School District, however, the district won in a ruling by the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in which the court indicated that, “there is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matter to their children, either independent of their right to direct the upbringing and education of their children or encompassed by it.” The court also went on to rule that, “Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students.”
Most recently we find another outrageous example of this effort to infringe on parental rights and to push its progressive agenda with the Provincetown School Committee approving the handing out of condoms to elementary school children.
Yes, you read accurately, elementary school children.

This program to usurp parental rights comes at a time when test scores in this school district reflect proficiency rates of 50% in Math, 58% in English-Language Arts, and 33% in Science, with 2010 scores worse than 2009. Schools cannot seem to teach reading, writing and math with a great deal of success, but they can teach children that it’s okay to engage in sex.
First, how and why would children as young as six years old and no older than eleven years old need condoms?
Second, when school administrators cannot hand out so much as an aspirin or Tylenol to minor children without written parental consent, how is it that they can hand out condoms? Or remove a minor child from campus and facilitate an abortion without even notifying the parents, as is the present law in California?
Some may assume that the issue here is simply pushing their permissive abortion agenda. However, what is really the ulterior motive is the continued and deliberate taking over of parental rights by the social engineers who believe they know what’s best for you and your children.
The latest example of this intrusion into parental rights, as well as the rights of religious institutions, can be found in the Obama Administration’s effort to force religious, and specifically Catholic, institutions to provide for contraception and the “morning after” pill against the consciences of these religious institutions.
Will the American voters remember these things when they go to the ballot box this year? Let’s hope that both the freedom to practice religion and the return of God-given parental rights can be restored in the nation of ours.

John Mancino is a political consultant based in Los Angeles.



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