Speaking recently to high-tech industry types in New York City, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) said that Republican candidate Donald Trump had effectively "torn the hard right apart." By exposing ideological fractures in the GOP, Schumer said that Trump could effectively aid in Democrats and Republicans getting together on some issues once the presidential election is decided. "I do think that the gridlock will be broken, partially because Trump showed the fundamental contradiction between the Tea-Party voter and the oligarchs who have always funded the Tea Party and all these hard-right places," Schumer said.
Among the Republican candidates, Schumer averred, Trump is only one who is "not in obeisance to the Koch brothers." Charles Koch and David Koch are brothers in billion dollar businesses who pledged to spend about $1 billion to fund think-tanks and political campaigns during the 2016 election cycle. Schumer went on to say that Trump managed to show that many Americans are not motivated by strong opposition to welfare programs, government spending and higher taxes.
In March, Schumer said in a radio interview that Trump and congressional Republicans, however, share the "same agenda." He said, "Donald Trump and Senate Republicans share the same agenda, and Senate Republicans who are obstructing on the Supreme Court are doing everything they can‎ to make sure that Trump chooses the next justice." He added, "Donald Trump won't make America Great Again, but he will make Republicans the minority again."
AT the New York City event, Schumer stuck hazarded a guess as to the exact number of Electoral College vote by which Hillary Clinton will win in November. "My prediction, this is just a prediction, I’ll stick my neck out. I’m for Hillary Clinton, I think Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. I think she is going to win by 325 electoral votes."



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