On the same day that she met with Donald Trump and "cleared the air" after months of feuding, Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly had a faceoff with leftist Al Sharpton in a heated exchange about the Black Lives Matter movement. During “The Kelly File” interview, Kelly asked Sharpton, “Do you feel bad” about remarks he made that Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson did not kill Michael Brown in self-defense. “No,” Sharpton responded. “Don’t distort what the DOJ said.”
With that, the pair engaged in tit-for-tat questions and responses about Justice Department’s findings in Brown's death, which had sparked weeks of protests and rioting in a suburb of St. Louis MO.
Kelly pressed Sharpton, who is also a talking head at CNN, on whether he feels responsible for spreading opinions even after “your opinion is proved to be wrong.”
“You don’t talk to all the witnesses! The DOJ does,” Kelly said. “It can be a crime to lie to an FBI agent. It’s not a crime to lie to Reverend Al.”
“Megyn, calm down,” Sharpton replied. “Now watch it with ‘calm down!,’” Kelly said, adding “Ask Bill O’Reilly about that. I had to lecture him on that one himself.”
Sharpton is in the midst of the 25th annual convention of his National Action Network, which continues until April 15. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are expected to speak. However, Sharpton has not yet endorsed either of the Democratic Party candidates. He said that both candidates realize that black voters are essential in the current election, even though they are taken for granted. And, since there are currently no black candidates current running for president, black Americans will have be prepared "psychologically" said Sharpton for the day that the Obama family leaves the White House and a "white family" moves in.



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