In spite of all that Hillary Clinton is doing to use the Ku Klux Klan to slander Donald Trump, the raw data of history shows that the Democratic Party has never really lost its arrogant patronizing attitude toward the black American community, which has been largely confined to the welfare state plantation by Democratic policies for over sixty years.
Check out for some insight into the Democratic Party and its agenda:
1)      imposing contraception, sterilization, pornography and abortion on African-Americans;
2)      praising and honoring rap, hip-hop, and other entertainers, who promote misogyny, violence and anti-social behaviors;
3)      keeping black children in failing  drug/ crime-infested schools by denying them educational vouchers to good schools, academic right-to-choose charter;
4)      denying black men jobs by promoting and subsidizing the infiltration of our nation by gangs, jihadists, drug cartels, human traffickers, and low-cost unskilled workers;
5)      discouraging respect for the sanctity of marriage and the family by glorifying sexual immorality and promiscuity as liberation and self-fulfillment. 
All of the above have crippled the black American community over the past 60 years in ways that the Ku Klux Klan could have hardly imagined.
For most Democratic leaders, it seems that black lives matter – except those in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago and in the womb.
Rev. Thomas Collins a Catholic priest who serves the people of Virginia.



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