A German Muslim, apparently mimicking similar attacks carried out in Israel and elsewhere against non-Muslims, stabbed four passengers at a train station near Munich today. In the knife attack, one man was murdered and another three were wounded. Police believe that Islam was the motive.
Witnesses to the carnage said that the 27-year-old male assailant cried "Allahu Akbar" ('Allah is Greatest' in Arabic), according to police. In a statement, Bavarian law enforcement sources said "The perpetrator made remarks during the attack which point to there being a political motive." The suspect has been arrested. No others have yet been arrested.
A 50-year-old man died in hospital of stab wounds sustained in the attack. The three other men, aged between 43 and 58, sustained lighter injuries, police said. The terrorist attack occurred at approximately  5 a.m. local time at the Grafing train station. Grafing is a suburb about 20 miles southeast of Munich, the capital of Bavaria.
Until now, while Germany has played a supporting role in the war against Islamic State, it has not suffered a major attack by Islamist militants on the scale of those that have hit neighboring France and Belgium. The German government and security services, however, have been on the alert because more than 800 home-grown radicals have left Germany to join Muslim terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. According to reports, about 260 have returned.
Germany has also been a pass-through for terrorists who struck Belgium this year and Paris last year. There are deepening concerns that among the more than 1 million migrants who arrived in Germany there are more ‘sleepers’: Muslim terrorists who await activation to carry out mayhem.
In a similar attack today, two Israeli Jewish women in the 80s were each stabbed in the back by masked Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem. It was at approximately 8:30 a.m. local time when five women, all in their 80s, were taking a stroll together when they were abruptly attacked from behind by the suspects. “The two terrorists stabbed them in the back multiple times, both in the upper body, and fled the scene toward the adjacent neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber,” said Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld shortly after the stabbings. The two victims were transported to an area hospital and are expected to recover. Security forces are searching for suspects. In recent months, Israel has seen a spate of such stabbing attacks by Palestinians, most of whom are Muslim.



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