Award-winning investigative author Edwin Black will chronicle how IBM co-planned and co-organized the Holocaust, and the roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust as the highlight of a nine-event Kristallnacht scholar-in-residence in Las Vegas November 8-14. Black's trademark "campus-community-congregation" series is broadly sponsored by Temple Beth Sholom, the Las Vegas Jewish Federation, UNLV College of Liberal Arts, William S. Boyd School of Law, Phi Alpha Theta Psi Sigma at UNLV and the UNLV Department of Communications. All events are open to the public, some with an admission fee.
Black kicks off the Temple Beth Sholom series November 9 with a Friday night services presentation entitled American Corporate Complicity in the Holocaust, How they Hid It, and How we Can Preserve the Truth." His remarks will tie pivotal involvement of Ford, GM, IBM, the Carnegie Institution, and the Rockefeller Foundation with the Nazi Holocaust. Black wrote a bestseller book, Nazi Nexus, summarizing the indispensable involvement of those five corporations in determining the size and shape of the Holocaust as we now know it.
Saturday morning's topic will be devoted to "The Farhud--the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust and What it Means For Today's World" based on Black's award-winning bestseller, The Farhud--Roots of The Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust. Black makes brief remarks during the service, and then takes questions in a reception afterword.
The temple's main event will be held Sunday morning, with Black's signature presentation, "How IBM Co-Planned and Co-Organized the Holocaust--What the New Documentation Shows" based on the award-winning global bestseller IBM and the Holocaust. Black has blazed a track-record of riveting sessions documenting the conscious involvement of IBM in co-planning and co-organizing all six phases of Hitler's Holocaust: 1) identification; 2) exclusion; 3) confiscation; 4) ghettoization; 5) deportation and 6) even extermination. The infamous Auschwitz tattoo began as an IBM number. IBM's genocide-for-profit record was first exposed in Black's international and New York Times best-selling book, IBM and the Holocaust, now with more than a million copies in print in 14 languages in 80 countries.
Black has garnered numerous awards for the work and frequently speaks on the topic worldwide. Despite hundreds of requests, IBM has never denied the details of the book. Newsweek called the book "explosive" and "stunning." The Washington Post's review proclaimed the book was "beyond dispute." Der Spiegel declared the work "devastating."
Black concludes the Temple Beth Sholom portion of his series with a leadership breakfast briefing at the synagogue at 9 a.m. on November 11, where he will outline the details of Iran's nuclear warhead, including specifics on its detonation mechanism. Black's Kristallnacht scholar-in-residence at the synagogue was part of the Helen Shaye Memorial Memorial Lecture Series and the Mel and Ruth Wolzinger Center for Adult Jewish Learning, in association with the Lillian and Henry Kronberg Institute of Holocaust Studies and Tolerance.
On Tuesday, November 13th, Black resumes his scholar-in-residence at University of Nevada-Las Vegas's William S. Boyd School of Law with four events focusing on his investigative works. At 12:30 p.m., Black addresses a luncheon with UNLV students entitled "Investigating History with Edwin Black." At 2:30 p.m., the author meets UNLV faculty, students and leadership for a question and answer session entitled "The Life and Career of Edwin Black." The main event will be held at the William S. Boyd School of Law entitled The Case Against IBM for its Role in the Holocaust--What the New Documentation Shows. The dramatic session is being held in the Thomas and Mack Moot Courtroom, where Black's prosecutorial style is expected to be on display. A special reception will be held afterwords in the law library.
Black's UNLV visit was sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, UNLV History Department and the UNLV College of Liberal Arts, William S. Boyd School of Law, Phi Alpha Theta Psi Sigma at UNLV and the UNLV Department of Communications in association with Temple Beth Sholom. Additional cosponsors include American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, the State of California Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance, The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, The Auto Channel, History Network News, and Spero Forum.
Black appears at hundreds of campus and community events annually. Within recent months, he has addressed three legislatures: the United States House of Representatives on eugenics, the North Carolina Legislature on eugenics, and the European Parliament on IBM's role in the Holocaust. For further information on Black's appearances, go here or



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