The National Review, the magazine founded by publisher William F. Buckley in 1955 that has been a standard bearer of American conservatives for decades is devoting an entire issue to come out hard against Republican candidate Donald Trump. The magazine has featured writers such as Whittaker Chambers, Russell Kirk, James Burnham, Frank Meyer, Willmoore Kendall, L. Brent Bozell, Harry V. Jaffa and Garry Wills.
In a special edition of its print version, 22 prominent conservative writers make their case against the billionaire businessman. Among the notables as economist Thomas Sowell, publisher William Kristol, media critic Michael Medved, Reagan-era Attorney General Edwin Meese III, author John Podhoretz, and publisher/media critics L. Brent Bozell III.
The list includes:
Glenn Beck
David Boaz
L. Brent Bozell III
Mona Charen
Ben Domenech
Erick Erickson
Steven F. Hayward
Mark Helprin
William Kristol
Yuval Levin
Dana Loesch
Andrew C. McCarthy
David M. McIntosh
Michael Medved
Edwin Meese III
Russell Moore
Michael B. Muskasey
Katie Pavlich
John Podhoretz
R. R. Reno
Thomas Sowell
Cal Thomas
On January 21, National Review editor Rich Lowry said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” that Trump does not understand the "principles that make this country great" and that Republican operatives and campaign advisors are either "hiding under their desks" at the prospect of Trump as the Republican nominee or are seeking ways to coopt him. True conservatives, said Lowery, are motivated by ideas, believe in "liberty, the Constitution, and limited government," and are not motivated by those they happen to dislike.



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