Attorneys representing Stanley and Joyce Boim announced today that they have filed a lawsuit against American Muslims for Palestine (“AMP”); Americans for Justice in Palestine Educational Foundation (“AJP”); Rafeeq Jaber; Abdelbasset Hamayel; and Osama Abu Irshaid to hold them liable for a 2004 jury verdict and subsequent federal judgments under the Anti-Terrorism Act that awarded $156 million in damages to the parents of a 17-year-old American student murdered by Hamas.
The parents of David Boim, who was shot and killed by Hamas gunmen while waiting for a bus to Jerusalem, initiated a lawsuit in 2000 against individual organizations in the United States that provided material support to Hamas.  These groups included the Islamic Association for Palestine (“IAP”); The American Muslim Society (“AMS”); and the Holy Land Foundation (“HLF”). A jury in Chicago’s federal court returned a verdict in the Boims’ favor of $52 million, which was trebled under the 1992 Anti-Terrorism Act (18 USC 2333).
David Boim, 17, was killed in 2000 in a drive-by terrorist shooting.
However, the defendant organizations claimed that they had no funds to pay the judgment and had ceased operations. Consequently, only a small fraction of the Boim judgment was actually ever collected.
The new lawsuit filed by Nathan Lewin and Alyza D. Lewin of Lewin & Lewin, LLP and Stephen J. Landes of Locke Lord, LLP alleges: 
AMP and AJP are alter egos and successors of HLF, AMS, and IAP, the entities that were originally found to be liable to the Boims under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Rafeeq Jaber, Abdelbasset Hamayel, and Osama Abu Irshaid are also alter egos of HLF, AMS, and IAP, because they directed and controlled the organizations in 1996 and are now operating and managing the entities that are the successors and alter egos of the organizations that are legally obliged to pay the judgment won by the Boims.
 “A 2008 landmark U.S. Court of Appeals decision found that the groups sued by the Boims in 2000 were responsible for the murder of David Boim because they aided an organization that engages in terrorist activities,” said attorney Alyza Lewin. “These defendants cannot escape their legal liability and accountability for murder by merely changing the names of their organizations. We are filing this lawsuit to secure justice for David’s memory precisely 17 years after the Boims’ original lawsuit was filed against those who murdered their 17-year-old son.” 



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